About the NSIFS

The Nicola Similkameen Innovative Forestry Society is comprised of nine members, six of which hold Innovative Forest Practices Agreements (IFPAs) and carry out the requirements of those agreements through the consensus of the Society.

Overview of the Merritt IFPA

The Merritt IFPA area comprises approximately 1,130,000 hectares. Within the IFPA
boundaries are the operating areas of the six IFPA holders, the BCTS Program, and
five companies holding non-replaceable forest licenses operating in Smallwood
Lodgepole Pine stands.

Commitment to Creating Innovation for the Six IFPAs to a Similar Standard

AAC Apportionment

The total AAC for the Merritt TSA, as of January 1, 2002, set by the MoF Chief Forester
is 1,508,050 cubic meters . The AAC Apportionment by Major Licensee outlines the
IFPA Forest Licensees AAC apportionments prior to the recent IFPA uplift,
apportionment of the IFPA uplift and combined volume for each TSA Forest License.

Table 2: AAC Apportionment by Major Licensee.

Major Timber Processing Facilities

The AAC apportionment has undergone a number of changes due to IFPA activities
and legislative changes. These changes have has lead to positive changes to the
Major Licensee Timber Processing Facilities in the Merritt TSA.

Table 3: Type and location of the major timber processing specifics
for each Licensee.