Aspen Planers Ltd.:

Aspen Planers Ltd. (Aspen) is an independent, family-owned business founded in 1959 by the Ghog family. Over the years, the business has grown to include an additional Planer mill (formerly Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd.) and the completion of a major upgrade to the existing breakdown facility in 2003/04 at the Merritt Mill. Future projects include an additional Dry Kiln and continued upgrades to various machine centers.

In addition to the lumber mill, Aspen owns and operates post and rail facilities in Merritt, (Coldwater Post and Rail Ltd.) and in Princeton (MWP Cascade Post and Rail Ltd.). These post and rail facilities produce untreated round products consisting of posts, rails, grape stakes and various other products. Members of Local First Nation Bands comprise the majority of the workforce at the Coldwater Post and Rail plant located on the Coldwater Indian Band reserve south of Merritt.

Mego Wood Products (1989) is another Aspen owned company that holds a non-replaceable Forest License in the Princeton area and is a supplier of the logs and raw materials for the Princeton operation.

In addition to holding a replaceable Forest License, Aspen is also a joint venture partner with four First Nation Bands: Cooks Ferry; Coldwater; Nooaitch; and Siska. This consortium holds a non-replaceable Forest License under the company Qwa’eet Forest Products Ltd. First Nations people are directly involved in the harvesting, road development and planning operations of this company.

Aspen works cooperatively with the Lower Nicola Band through Shulus Enterprises in the management of Small Scale Salvage opportunities in the Operating area.