Kids Planting

First Nations

Through the Nicola-Similkameen Innovative Forestry Society, First Nations, Government
and Industry are working together as equal partners to manage the six Innovative
Forestry Practices Agreements (IFPAs) on the Merritt TSA.

The First Nations people have always had close ecological ties to the land. Now, through
the Society, we are ensuring that our traditional values and uses will be incorporated, and
even enhanced, through our contribution to the resource planning process.

First Nations are involved in decision-making regarding resource planning and
management and are represented on the Society's Board of Directors and Technical
Committee. Decision-making by the Board is achieved through consensus rather than
by voting majority.

All members of the Society recognize the need for full participation of First Nations in the
management and decision-making of the forests. The BOD has First Nations representation
and has implemented a policy for full quorum on all decisions relating to society business.

NSIFS prepared Forestry Plan I and amendments, along with Forestry Plan II for MoF
Regional Executive Director approval to support a co-ordinated implementation of a wide
scope of innovative projects. These projects ranged from updating inventory and growth
and yield information to mapping wildlife habitat suitability and First Nations’ resource values.
The Society has been commended for the scope of its projects.