Nicola Tribal Association:

The total membership of the Nicola Tribal Association (NTA) communities is currently 2,555 members. The seven communities that make up the NTA are situated within a 115 km radius of the city of Merritt. They are located in the Nicola Valley, along the Thompson River and in the Fraser Canyon. The communities of the NTA are: Coldwater Indian Band; Cook’s Ferry Indian Band; Nicomen Indian Band; Nooaitch Indian Band; Shackan Indian Band; Siska Indian Band; and Upper Nicola Indian Band. NTA works with the individual bands and their companies to help the Bands manage their individual Forest tenures. These tenures include Woodlot Licenses, Timber Sales Licenses, and Small Scale Salvage Licenses. The Forest Tenures have provided work for a number of Band members and their companies, revenue for the Bands, and an opportunity for the Bands to manage the forests.

NTA membership in general are economically involved with farming, ranching and logging. There are a number of people also involved in commercial retail ventures, industrial, general and residential construction.

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