Forestry Plan II was written to provide Strategic direction to the implementation of the IFPAs.
During the period of Forestry Plan II, significant amounts of new information will be collected,
analysis undertaken and plans to implement new strategies developed. The focus for the next
five years will be support the current AAC increase, develop innovative approaches to
incorporate non-timber and timber interests to support sustainable forest management in
the Merritt TSA. This section outlines many of the projects initiated and supported by the
NSIFS programs.

Note that Forestry Plan III is currently being developed and will be supported by an updated work plan. The types of recently completed projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Plant and Wildlife Ecological Models (166 species completed)
  • Plant and Wildlife Cultural Models (47 species completed)
  • Archaeological Overview Assessments (Merritt TSA completed)
  • Change Monitoring Inventory (On-going)
  • Merritt Timber Supply Review 4 (completed)
  • Vegetation Resource Inventory (VRI)