Upper Similkameen Indian Band:

The Upper Similkameen Indian Band (USIB) has been involved in the business community for the past ten years and has become one of the largest employers in the area. The Band is very community-minded and employs both native and non-native people within the various operations. The Band employs approximately thirty-five people on a full-time basis and employees exceed one hundred and fifty during the peak summer season.

The Band is registered with BCTS as a logging company, has joint Forest Licenses and partnerships with Princeton Wood Preserves and Princeton Forest Products. The Bands Forestry Department owns and operates heavy equipment required to develop roads and landings related to forest harvesting activities. The Band’s most recent acquisition is 80 acres of crown land that is used as an industrial park/log sort yard. The Forestry Department has its own Layout and Development Division producing Forest Development Plans for Band licenses as well as other forest tenures. In addition to layout and harvesting, the Band has a Silviculture Division that has been operating for over eight years performing forestry activities such as pruning, slashing, tree planting and other post harvest activities.