The Society developed the following vision in order to achieve their strategic objectives.

NSIFS uses innovative forest management practices that incorporate Aboriginal knowledge
and values and public involvement in order to increase the productivity of a healthy and
resilient working forest. These local forests provide increased forest values, additional
investment and enhanced employment opportunities while assuring environmental,
economic, and social sustainability for communities in the Nicola-Similkameen region.

Strategic Objectives

Based on the key issues and opportunities identified, the NSIFS Board of Directors has
adopted six key strategic objectives. The objectives strongly reflect the NSIFS’s vision of
the future for the Merritt TSA, and will guide the development of annual business planning
priorities for program investments. These updated objectives were approved by the Board
of Directors (BOD) on June 23, 2003 and are:

1. Create an innovative forest management environment
2. Support First Nation’s communities
3. Increase the sustainable harvest
4. Enhance environmental values
5. Strengthen forest inventories and support tools
6. Maintain effective community involvement

The NSIFS believes that by developing implementation strategies to achieve the above
strategic objectives, the NSIFS will meet the requirements and opportunities of the Innovative
Forest Practices Agreements (IFPA).